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Mustache & Monocle is a social enterprise of architects, engineers, designers, lawyers, web developers and entrepreneurs from all around the world who use impact design as a driving force for change.

A Human Centered and Environmentally Conscious - Full Service - Design Studio

We consult and deliver high quality 2D and 3D services that meet our clients' needs and  compose the best user experience while using a percentage of our profit to invest in projects that bring modern design methods and systems to developing communities in Cusco.

Our Ideology

The Mission

Mustache & Monocle is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and redefining how we do business by investing in design education.

With each project we receive we are able to invest in social and design impact.

Impact Design

We believe that social impact and profitability are not mutually exclusive, and that It is possible to connect the profit maximizing part of our business with our socially conscious, compassionate heart.

What is Impact Design?

"Impact Design" brings social, environmental, sustainable, human-centered, public-interest, and other related design disciplines together to create positive change and lasting impact in communities. 

At Mustache & Monocle we define design as the process by which a physical object—a product, building, car, or road—is made and a digital experience is created.


For every project we receive, a percentage goes to investing in educational and skill sharing projects in Peru. 

For every project we receive, a percentage goes to investing in educational and skill sharing projects in Peru.


Project Breakdown

Profit Investing

  • Clients receive high quality services while directly contributing to the economy of developing communities
  • Raising the standards of wage and advocating for a fair living wage to all of our contractors
  • Investing in design education and skill sharing in developing communities 

Working with us will add a social impact component to your business!

Drafter in US vs. Peru

Wage Disparity


Case Study: Sacred Valley Of Cusco

Education & Skills Share

Design for New Development

Having worked in Peru and living in rural communities, I saw the lack of access to design education as an opportunity to share modern design knowledge that can positively impact the quality of life for the common good of the environment and the community's socio-economic needs. Through the investment of education and skills sharing opportunities we create a platform where developing communities begin to create projects that apply design efficiencies to their everyday lives rendering a return of a more environmentally and socially conscious community. 

"Inadequate education produces high costs for society in terms of public spending, crime, health, and economic growth. No country can afford to leave too many of its children behind and not to help them achieve the competencies needed for a self-fulfilled life in economic independence." 

(Global Economic Symposium. Effective Investments In Education. Symposium 2012)


Put Into Practice

Skills Sharing

If you give hands on experience to a community such as: sharing different methods of construction, design systems and environmental economic thinking, this experience will be carried into to their professional fields and in daily lives.

We want to share design knowledge and information to both teach and learn with developing communities to cultivate the opportunity for more environmental and human centered communities.

Growth and change is inevitable however, by sharing existing knowledge of design practices we can pursuit a more conscious approach to developing communities world wide.

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